Youngsta ‘The 80s Baby’ Reunites With Rap


The hiatus is over. After almost 3 years with little to no contact with the studio, Youngsta ‘The 80s Baby is back with his new ‘Originated in Lincoln Park’ project. Now, I’ve been following this dude’s music since high school so getting this link in my inbox early this morning was the best way you could hope to start a Monday. The OGLP release has 18 tracks and Youngsta appears to be sporting a new moniker – well, sort of. The 28 year old MC is now going by his real name, Nikko Rogers, though, he still raps with the same confident, chilled style he’s always flowed with. OGLP is filled with tales of blowing money and women, over smooth production from Cardo, Sledgren, and Chris Dreamer, with a few others also making contributions. It’s no secret Young – excuse me, Nikko Rogers, can put together quality tracks, as seen with past projects like 24K & & Rolex Talk, and OGLP is filled with them, too. Nikko welcomes features from fellow Chicagoans Jay2AintShit, Lucci V, & $Young Heavy$, and they all show up with their A game. Stream the full release below and when you’re done, say a silent prayer that it’s not another 3 years before Nikko gives us more gems.



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